Cruises on the Gulf of Riga and Baltic sea

Mersrags - Ruhnu

You have only one day? Lets go to Ruhnu!
The journey on the sea to Ruhnu takes about 4 hours. Once on the island, it's worth to see the oldest wooden church in Europe and hear stories about the unique history of the island. Then you should visit Ruhnu Lighthouse and Museum. All paths between these objects are made very witty and interesting, including: - the vehicles, or road signs...
The island viewing can be done in a few hours. Then it is possible to taste the local cuisine in a romantic guest house. The island is 7 miles long, so you can move around independently (you can bring your bicycle on the deck), or can organize a guided tour with a comfortable bus Iveco. And then 4 hours on the way home.
More information: www.ruhnu.ee.
If you want to spend more than one day on the island, the boat cabins, kitchen, sauna and other goodies are suitable for 20 people, or you can rent a guest house on the island.

Ventspils - Gotland

You and your friends want to enjoy independence and a nice vacation, you want something special and unique for several days? Then cruise to Slit port on the island of Gotland is the answer to your need. Gotland belongs to Sweden and it is also called the pearl of the Baltic Sea due to its unique beauty. Gotland is also known for a variety of knight tournaments and Viking events.
Additional Information: www.gotland.info, www.gotland.net
The journey on sea to the island takes about 11 hours. Don't bother about hotels and pulling heavy bags - ship "Palsa" will be your home for all the cruise time. If you will take your bicycle with you (there is place for 25 bicycles on the deck), then you yourselves are the masters of your leisure!

One day in Mersrags – through the routes of old sailors!

To school and traveler groups we offer an unforgettable and interesting adventure in Mersrags.
First with the ship “Palsa” we’ll go to Mersrags lighthouse – we’ll see it from the side of the sea. After more than an hour-long sea journey we get off shore to embark Mersrags lighthouse like ancient conquerors! We will continue the tour, visiting Mersrags museum and then have a meal in the cafe "Vetrasputns". Lunch offer: pork or chicken cutlet with additives and herbs (½ portion) or soup and sweet pancakes! Of course, drink is also included!
The tour guide will tell you what famous seafarers and powerful shipbuilders have lived in this area (and are still living).
In this educational and recreational excursion, all of the above is included. The tour costs only 10, -EUR per person. Size of one group of travelers that can be on board of the ship is up to 30 people.

Gulf of Riga

“Palsa” also in Riga! See you this summer
Trips with exclusive passenger boat "Palsa" in the Gulf of Riga port of Riga. The tour lasts 2 hours. You will have a unique opportunity to look at the port of Riga from the ship's deck, as well as to enjoy the sun, the sea, the wind in Gulf of Riga. On board there will feel comfortable up to 30 passengers. For your convenience there are 2 view decks in the forward and aft. For your convenience - from a sharp wind or brigh sun you will protected in the tasteful interior with leather sofas, oak trim and maritime adventurer decent music. Are you still thinking? Apply today!



Want to spend a nice weekend? Then trip to Saaremaa is just for you!
We invite you to go to the beautiful Romesaare port, which is very close to Kuressaare www.saaremaa.ee, where there are many beautiful sights and tourists here always feel welcomed. On the island and the surrounding area each one plans the time according to his/her insights. Latvians have traditionally have liked local spa hotels, however, if your only interest leisure and tourism, you can use the boat as your hotel. The journey on the sea from Mersrags port to Romesaare lasts about 9 hours. If we leave in the evening, then the next morning we there. You will say that you have already been to Saaremaa? Maybe, but never before in a cruise yacht – no exhausting hours on the roads, but enjoying of the romance and see, with a cup of tee wathing the sunset...

Kolka lightgouse


The sea journey to Kolka lighthouse takes about 4 hours. Cape Kolka and the lighthouse area is unique with the fact that there are transverse waves. The lighthouse and its surroundings are a unique place in Europe. You'll never been so close to this artificial island! With the boat it is possible to drive up to the island. This journey you can fit within a single day.