Cruises on the Gulf of Riga and Baltic sea

50s of the last century — these years are bound with a growth in fishery business in USSR and Western Europe. Exactly than German constructors created first RB type fishing vessels with metal body and these vessels replaced previously used wooden vessels.
In our Soviet collective farms these vessels (18 m long, 5.5 m wide with a draught 1.8 m) were used to go fishing in the Baltic Sea and in Gulf of Riga. Already than RB type fishing vessels were well known for their unique body construction. These ships did not ponderously wander the waters but lightly swung in waves. Due to this reason RB type ships had an undeniable advantage also when comparing with those even bigger fishing vessels that were constructed afterwards. When the waves in sea were bigger than 1.5 meters, these ships (locally called “erbulīši”) swung on them, but the crew could work in shoes. On the other side on bigger ships waves did wash the deck, so the crew had to look for long boots...

One of my first memories about port is exactly these fishing vessels. When my mum was working in fish cannery in Mērsrags, I spent my days in port with these vessels. When vessels went in the sea, I run along the shore, jumping on the old pier stones, accompanying them on their way and later waited for them to come ashore with big catch… When I was six years old, I had a chance to go in the sea together with fisherman. Guys hid me behind the fridges till we went out in see. First fishing trip, first big waves, first seasickness — all of this bound me very close to the sea.
Than I grew up, finished sea school in Engure. At that time I think the last small wooden vessels were used. And my life grew apart from the sea, from the little fishing village and than I thought that this is forever…Beautiful childhood, I always wanted to come back. However if you wish something from the bottom of your heart, it comes true!!
Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the pleasure, privilege and this unique chance to share my unfulfilled dreams with you. I invite you on the board of the ship “Palsa” in order to go and meet the waves together. Vessel “Palsa” is constructed in Germany in 1952 as RB type fishing vessel that is rebuilt and reconstructed as a leisure ship. After reconstruction the lengths of this ship is 20 meters. For your safety there is mounted an 8 tons heavy keel, and draught reaches 2.4 m. For your convenience the fish space is transformed as living part with 4 comfortable cabins and through the portholes there is an amazing sight with foaming waves. On the upper desk there is a light bright saloon with TV and video equipment, for your pleasure — galley (kitchen on the ship), where you can prepare tasty meals, lavatory, shower and sauna as well as a deck for sunbathing. All this awaits you on the board of “Palsa”. Ship has taller masts and more beautiful sails. Do not worry about headwind — ship is operated by 450 HP/s German engine that lets the ship to develop a cruise speed of 8.5 nodes and is extremely silent.
Ladies and Gentlemen, little vessel is transformed and back. Perhaps to fulfill your dreams. If that is the case, we all are in one boat and the unimaginable becomes real.

Sincerely yours,
Lauris Karlsons
Captain of "Palsa"